Comparision of the duct before and after cleaning.


Many people do not think twice about the air quality or ventilation of their working environment. Even those who diligently maintain their homes tend to overlook the place where they spend 40+ hours a week. Not only is cleansing the work environment beneficial to your own personal health it can also be beneficial in other ways. Commercial duct cleaning can;


    • Lower Energy Costs: Dust and airborne contaminants can alter the effectiveness and efficiency of your air circulation apparatus. By regularly cleaning your commercial ducts you can drastically reduce your monthly energy costs.
    • Superior Air Quality: The air quality that is created from a commercial duct cleaning procedure can ensure top productivity from your team. A clean working environment will allow for increased focus and a reduction in loss of workdays from illness. The cleaning procedure can also signal to your team that you are mindful of maximizing their workplace experience while sensible of their wellbeing.
    • Reduced Repair Costs: Through proper management and periodic cleaning your air supply equipment can enjoy an extended life cycle with minimal need for repair. The reduction of contaminants allows for proper functionality of your equipment with less stress on it’s varying parts. A clean system is a happy system.
    • Happy, Healthy Employees: A clean, healthy workplace leads to a clean, healthy workforce. One of the biggest benefits to proper environmental management is a lifted ‘esprit de corps’ of your team. As many studies have shown, a positive, clean working environment actually equals higher productivity.


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