Statistics show that 20% buildings in Canada, USA and Europe depicted one or more signs of dampness. This A wall coverd with mould.dampness is the cause of the increased growth of fungi and moulds. Our indoor environments have a complex composition of microorganisms, allergens, volatile microbial organic compounds etc. The increased concentration of one or more of these organisms is a direct result of dampness in poorly ventilated areas. It is imperative to reduce or remove the prevalence of these as they impact the health and life of the people residing in establishments affected by moulds and fungal growth. Some of the common health conditions include asthma, allergies, irritation etc.

Moulds are scientifically defined as a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. Moulds grow on organic and dampened surfaces, which eventually get destroyed as they digest it. Mould spores are responsible for causing allergies and other respiratory problems.

Alternia is the most common type of mould and is a leading cause for allergies. Another major mold presence in buildings is of Aspergillus which results in weakened immune system and increased respiratory problems. Owing to its health implication, Aspergillius is more commonly referred to as toxic mould. Stachybotrys or the black mold is a slow developing mold that overpowers other molds and is typically found on cellulose rich materials.

Since moisture is an imperative element for mould growth. Humidity and moisture control is a basic step in preventing and reducing mould growth. Checking for leaks, water dripping, using dehumidifiers etc. are some of the essential precautions that could prevent mold growth indoors. Timely sampling, evaluations and restorations should be carried out to minimize damage to property and personnel. For larger establishments, working with specialized mold prevention and removal agencies or firms is important as the problem of mold growth could go unnoticed as many time mold colonies are not visible to the naked eye. Specialized persons with adequate mold removal equipment could be helpful in reduction and prevention measures. This serves as an important step to reduce health risks arising because of mold spores.
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